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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Old News, Relevant News

Lefty reliever Kevin Walker was picked up by Brian Sabean's San Francisco Giants. Interesting going within the division. Something to watch.

Anyone have Padre tix yet? My family got Padre/Cubs tickets, so this is about four years running catching Pads/Cubs games in San Diego. I'll probably catch a few other games in the "cheap" seats. I already miss the $6 behind home plate and up high seats. Infamous John Rocker boo-ing went on from up there. Also saw Rodrigo Lopez's MLB debut in same section. Good times.

Response form question: Your thoughts on the Q. I actually liked it a lot, it had its charms, and was a lot of fun to walk around, lots of different seating sections, just a very comfortable place with great parking and tailgating.

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