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Friday, April 09, 2004

Off Day

The cool thing about being in Southern California is having three baseball teams to watch at any given time.

The rough part is when you're in Los Angeles the Padres usually aren't one of them.

I'm sitting here watching the Angels against the Rangers and feeling more than a little agitated. It could be worse, since I could be watching the Dodgers.

Side Note-Attaboy Hank Blalock. The Rancho Bernardo HS alum just snapped an RBI single against Tater Ortiz to put Texas up by one.

For a great recap of last night's Padre game, check out Ducksnorts. Geoff even has some digital pics from his seats in RF. I didn't know it, but Bonds was robbed of 660 by Jay Payton. Way to go Jay! I guess that makes up for his three Ks (maybe?).

Sticking with baseball, I couldn't make last night's USC game against cal. Ian Kennedy went out and got the loss in a 4-2 game. I'll try and make tonights or Saturday's game, put some kind of recap or notes up.

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