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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Lesson Learned, and Other Stuff

Visits to this site are way down the last two days. I haven't posted in about two days. You guys win.

Onto the stuff...

Geoff at Ducksnorts is a funny guy:

Hippies have bad acid flashbacks. Padre fans have bad catcher flashbacks. I mistakenly referred to Ramon Hernandez as Carlos Hernandez yesterday. Hope I didn't freak anybody out with that one. .

Before I forget, Happy April Fool's Day! You fools! :o).

Slate has this story on Petco Park, this site's namesake. Basically praises it for adapting to the area, being a true piece of urban development, and so forth.

In all honesty, I think it was rather easy for Petco to be that. It's RIGHT downtown. It's on the water. But it was also in a bit of a seedy area, occupied by (I cannot attest for this) what the local papers considered a more or less homeless army.

But I'm glad things like low income apartments and similar things will be (are) built near the park. We'll see how the years treat that area, but it's getting pricey in a hurry, just taking a look at all those very fancy condos aimed at empty nesters (as noted in the article).

At the same time I'm also disappointed in other parks not having similar success. Granted, they don't have the built-in draws of Gaslamp District and a nearby, well-used waterfront. But a lot of other American cities have similar trendy areas built out crap. Pasadena's Old Town/Colorado boulevard is exactly that, for example.

People like things to do, and most big towns can get boring fast. Building a trendy/hip area with restaurants and shops and some apartments should not be that hard (maybe I'm naive), especially if there's a guaranteed 81 nights a week of 40,000+ potential customers. Variety is the spice of life and a useful ballpark district is exactly that.

Maybe America's just rundown and old in some of these towns (Pittsburgh, Milwaukee), I don't know. Maybe that's why I like California so much. I like Milwaukee, too, but it doesn't have that energy and lightness to it. But places like The Ballpark at Arlington and Coors Field should have been more successful, those are both young, trendy, Western cities. Major League Baseball is batting .333 right now, but I guess that's still a good hitter in their book?

Onto more stuff...

Jay Payton is ready to go. Mark Prior ready or healthy ready, I don't know.

Side note, looks like Jeff Cirillo's starting to swing the bat well. I'm excited if so. Cirillo and Payton could prove extremely valuable this year. Imagine having a legit-hitting Cirillo coming off your bench? What a flip-flop from last year possibly.

Here's a great link on the Petco Park story and total costs.

City of San Diego- $205.9 Million
Padres- $173.2 Million
Centre City Development Corporation- $73.9 Million
San Diego Unified Port District- $21 Million

Nearly half a billion dollars!

Another interesting read/link, this time about Lane field, the Padres' home in the way back. It's now the area that would be directly across from the Star of India. In other words a parking lot.

Now, for a potentially big announcement. When I started this I was hoping another Padre fan/friend would get involved, but that doesn't look like it will happen. Well, after explaining this site to a different Padre fan/friend, he took an interest in contributing.

I'm not 100% certain he'll join the PetcoPadres team, but if he does he'll be a great addition to the site. I just didn't want anyone to be surprised if someone else starts posting here in a few days or there's writing that's not my style. Just a heads up, I'm looking forward to the addition if so. He's out of town right now but hopefully he'll make an introduction if he comes on board, he has the password and green light to post whenever (probably in a few days).

I will say he's definitely not as into the SABR stuff and for lack of another word, 'Moneyball principles' that I tend to use and find very interesting. But he is a smart dude who like myself is a very good idea person and someone who likes to express their opinions. Even better, we disagree often so things could get interesting here ;o).

I'll save his name for his own introduction later, sorry for all the he's and him's, but hopefully that'll be soon (think Monday or Tuesday, just in time for the start of the season).

Extra opinions are good, there will be someone here to keep me in check if this works out!

Until then, I'll try to keep up the post-a-day habit, even on weekends, I've been really busy lately as I've told you, but I'm looking forward to some really fun stuff on here.

Until my next post...


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