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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Jenna Von Oy revisited

We're taking a bit of a turn here, aren't we? This post is in response to JD at Reds Daily and his "First Crushes" post.

I thought about making a list, but I've had a ton of crushes and would have to think hard to get a list even close to definitive. My mind's too much on girls like Kristin Kreuk right now.

But back to miss Von Oy. I think she's a Trojan so I've got love for her, but JD was onto something. Just a moment ago I was listening to music choice on my TV, and a Kelly Clarkson song came on.

Now, I've never really watched American Idol so I don't have that kind of attachment to Miss Clarkson. And she's obviously not a first crush. But I think she fits that demure, bouncy girl mold of Von Oy.

I hope JD reads this and puts in his $0.02 on Kelly. I betcha he might like her, but I could be completely wrong.

Anyway, it just struck me to post about Kelly.

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