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Sunday, April 11, 2004

In Case That Didn't Make Any Sense

The post below, "Fish=Pads??" was penned by this site's new (second) author, Matt. Although Matt is a good friend of mine, we tend to disagree on a lot of things. Which is why if you're reading some random story and you go "whoah that's out in left field from the normal stuff" or even "hey, this makes more sense than that normal writer, what's wrong"...

It might just be Matt writing.

Anyway, I'm excited, because Matt's interested in being a part of this, and he already got a pretty cool piece up (aside from referring to the whole thoughtful process of OBP worship as a broad category of SABR). He's nowhere near as into the whole OBP, SABR, Moneyball aspect of baseball analysis as myself and so many other bloggers, but he's a smart guy who scored a 170-something on his LSATs and also slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so please give him a warm welcome and be aware that we now have two writers here.


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