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Thursday, April 15, 2004


My apologies to this site's loyal and also its infrequent readers. I've basically been up a tree, but I did put up a post the other day that was pretty fun about InNOut and some other things. The problem was my computer zonked right as I was finishing it and I basically threw my hands in the air for two days.

Anyway, we'll try and get back in the swing of things here soon.

Today's note: I'm watching the Cubs/Pirates game on WGN, and noticed Pittsburgh has become a wasteland for former Padre arms. They've got Brian Boehringer (a Petco Padres fave while he was with the Pads before falling off the face of the Earth) and soft-tossing Brian Meadows.

Sammy's up to bat and I'm out the door, catch you all later!

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