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Thursday, April 08, 2004

1-2, How About You?

That hurt. Three winnable games.

I was going to put up a quick blurb about how well the pitchers... hit. But Geoff at Ducksnorts has that capably covered.

The good thing is, tonight is (drum roll)...


If anyone's going, let us know, and leave some game comments when you get back.

I wrote my review of the Ballpark's exterior a few weeks ago (somewhere in the archive), but I'm curious as to what everyone thinks of the interior.

As an added bonus, Barry Bonds will get to test out Petco's "Bonds Proof" right-center. I just hope the Padres can squeeze a few wins out of the G-men. Frankly, I'm sick of watching them lose to the team with the ugly brown uni's. I guess that's the exchange for our complete ownership of the Dodgers lately (sans the last two games) in a cosmic kind of way.

What's interesting so far is bullpen use. Three games and no appearances from MIT Szuminski, yet Eddie Oropesa and Ismail Valdes have a combined 5 appearances and 2 IP. Otsuka (OATS-ka for the handful that didn't get the memo from Padres PR brass, Jerry Coleman, or Peter Gammons) has looked good, though.

Besides all the hitting going on, check out the starting pitching (yes, it's just three games, yes it's early, yes, yes, yes):

Pitcher ERA
Eaton 1.13
Peavy 3.38
Lawrence 1.80

Of course, they also had the benefit of pitching IN Dodger Stadium against the hapless Dodgers of Alex Cora, Adrian Beltre, Dave Roberts and Cesar Izturis.

Eaton's outing was particularly impressive-
8 IP

He outpitched the lesser Weaver and deserved the win.

For those curious, tonight's game pits Padre castoff Dustan Hermanson against Pt. Loma born Boomer Wells.

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