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Saturday, March 27, 2004

You've Been Thinkin', and I've Been Drinkin'

Like clockwork. Padres worried about Payton's hammy still (wagging my finger).

Brian Lawrence is still getting roughed up, but he's singing a happy tune through all of it. Apparently he didn't walk anyone yesterday. In a way that's good, since I think hits tend to be a bit of a luck thing, I'll let two hits drop before I accept a walk, as a fan.

Yikes! You know this Jason Szuminski thing is being played out when the Voice of America has a story on him. For those out of the loop, Jason is likely to make the Padres this year. Nothing unique, except he's an MIT grad with an Aerospace Engineering degree. And the Voice of America is a very respected media outlet. Wow.

Better yet, here's the Jim Caple story. This tells me the Padres PR machine is already in October form in March. Must be the new ballpark effect.


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