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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Yard Sale Bargains

Straightaway CF did a cool piece on the 70 most overlooked hitters and pitchers of the last two seasons, basically using OPS+ and ERA+. What's interesting is the abundance of Athletics and Padres on there. Both are SABR-inclined organizations, although the Padres are a bit more subjective.

The link.

The Padres:
Rod Beck
Brian Buchanan
Brian Giles
Ryan Klesko
Mark Loretta
Jay Payton
Steve Reed (in 2002)

Kevin Towers doesn't lie when he says he'll dig around the trash. Although these are good players, just undervalued by the market and thus affordable for the Pads.

Phil Nevin definitely would have qualified 2 years ago for this list. Still a great find, I think the trade was Andy Sheets and a bag of peanuts for Phil who was playing third string catcher for Anaheim.

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