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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Top Prospects

Several other blogs have been putting out organizational prospect lists of their own and that others have done. One of the major lists so far is the Consensus list of the top 599 prospects. There are 17 Padres on that list, with only Josh Barfield and Khalil Greene in the top 100.

Redbird Nation ripped the Cardinals' system, but indirectly exposes the relative weakness of the Padres' system in doing so.

Another impressive prospect database is from AtThePlate, which compiled many prospect lists into one page. The link is here.

Where some of the top Padres rank:

Josh Barfield
Minors First-12
Roto Wire-12
Baseball America-20
Roto World-28
Sporting News-10
Ken Warren-23
Fox Sports-31
Baseball Prospectus-32
Spring Training-20
Aaron Gleeman-33

Khalil Greene
Minors First-51
Baseball America-61
Fox Sports-27
Baseball Prospectus-28
Ken Warren-29
Sporting News-34
Aaron Gleeman-32
Spring Training-39

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