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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

This and That, Apples and Oranges

Kevin Walker released. Says he might go to Detroit.

Pads also released catcher Tom Wilson and re-assigned Edgar Huerta.

The Kerry Robinson deal is final, and anything involving anyone else... isn't.

A note on the Robinson trade. It might be just a typical among GMs type deal. Robinson is basically the same player as Hunter, but faster and younger. Hunter is still a bit of a better hitter and actually spent more time in centerfield than Robinson. Call it a toss-up. But I'm very excited for the centerfield depth.

New training room digs for the Padres. Looks like the big thing is they got rid of a lot of hassle and outdated stuff.

The NC Times has a cool piece on the playing surface and grounds crew at Petco.

In a story repeated in newspapers everywhere, the Padres have banned apples and oranges at Petco. Just slice the fruit and put it in baggies and you're in the clear. People can bring in whole cases of sealed water and other home foods as well, which is nice.

Tim Sullivan calls Towers' comments about the Dodgers a "can of worms." I think they were so light as to not really be an issue. Overblown, but the Men in Blue have fired back. Dodger GM DePodesta is smartly staying back on this one.

Towers: "It's always been character," Towers said. "They just don't seem to play well as a team – because they've always had a lot of talent. When we played them, they didn't play well together.

"I've never been able to quite figure out what happens there. You think they might be good, but they always end up out of first place."

Adam Eaton has added a cut fastball/slider hybrid pitch.

Here's the Ryan Freel for possibly Dennis Tankersley story from yesterday so it doesn't look like I was making things up.

The Padres' AAA minor-league club is in major trouble. Basically the PCL now owns the team after it couldn't pay rent. Ugly ugly ugly.


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