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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Sharing Makes The World Go 'Round

Richard over at Pearly Gates (an Angels blog) just sent me a little email greeting into the blogging community. How nice!

Pearly Gates is definitely worth a link, and I love the depth chart feature. Just scanned some recent posts, and we've got a funny rip on Gleeman (choosing Joe Mauer as his #1 prospect, what a stretch that was!) and something I've also been noticing, the "civil war" between Mariner blogs over the team's chances this season and beyond. Mariner Optimist vs. U.S.S. Mariner, Round I, fight! Those are two good blogs, by-the-way.

I tend to see the Mariners as a pretty average team, they've made some dumb moves and I really don't see the optimism. I watched their preseason game against the Angels and found myself disagreeing with everything positive the announcers said, simply didn't see some of their moves as all that positive. Vlad Guerrero backed me up by crushing a home run in the middle of the spin-fest.

Anyway, looks like another young, talented blogger is out there, as Richard is 18 according to his profile. There might be a little divide amongst baseball bloggers in age, I get the feeling some sites are run by guys in their mid-30s, and the rest are by younger guys like myself, Aaron Gleeman, and Richard Ceccarelli.

Pearly Gates is definitely worth taking a look at, I haven't read any other Angels blogs so I can't compare it to others yet, but I love the layout and creativity in looking for new features. So check it out. Gotta stick up for the California teams anyway. I'll link it momentarily.

Nice job, Richard!

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