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Saturday, March 27, 2004

San Diego Boy Eric Chavez And Ryan Klesko

Rob Neyer has an interesting column on the Mt. Carmel alum turned wealthy but worthy third baseman. It talks about his inability to hit lefties, and if that will ever change. Neat write-up, and there's a reference to Ryan Klesko's sudden ability to hit lefties after a decade of not hitting them.

He postulates that might be luck, but I think Ryan's just been diligent and figured things out. Either way I hope Eric works things out, he's a great kid and would have signed with USC had the pros not been so influential. That's ok though because the Trojans got 3 good years out of his teammate Eric Munson.

Keeping With The USC Theme

USC blanked UCLA 5-0 today, I ended up going to the game, arriving in the top of the 4th inning. I'll have a report later hopefully, but Ian Kennedy was pretty good, and Jeff Clement smashed a homerun to open the game up.

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