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Thursday, March 18, 2004


I've got another USC baseball player worth keeping an eye on: junior Joey Metropoulos.

He's got amazing power, although his college power numbers have not quite matched his potential. This year he already has six homeruns through 19 games, and is slugging a whopping .708. Joey's strongsuit so far has been getting on base (.461 OBP), as he has developed the classic USC skill of the ol' HBP (7 on the year).

Right now he's got a .461 OBP, pacing the Trojans. Last year he was (.423/.560) with 11HR and as a Freshman All American he posted (.463/.563) and 13HR. He "slumped" last year, as teammates Anthony Lunetta and Jeff "Boy Wonder" Clement, ye of 21HR as a Freshman, had better OPS's. But Joey has been USC's most consistent hitter his three seasons at Dedeaux, as he has plus power, can steal a base, and has a knack for getting on base. I don't know his range factor or any of that, but eyeballing him he looks like a terrible first baseman and may be a contributing factor to USC's shoddy defense over the last 2 seasons. Graduating a slick shortstop like Seth Davidson and having the inconsistent Michael Moon at the hot corner doesn't help either.

In case anyone cares, the Trojan baseballers are off to an 8-11 record, although the last two weeks they've beaten #1 Stanford, and ranked teams in Tulane, UC Irvine and Mississippi State. It's turning out to be a really tough schedule, as the Trojans haven't even started Pac-10 play. Oh, and they were 2-hit by Jered Weaver over seven innings in the season opener, wasting a great debut by Ian Kennedy and James Luna's best outing of the season.

Because This Is A Padres Blog

-The Padres are now 6-9 in Spring Training 2004.
-Brian Buchanan (great pickup by Towers, and a great trade throw-in if the team tanks) and Ramon Hernandez hit solo shots against the Giants yesterday, but of course the Giants won because that's what happens when they play the Padres.
-The Padres were wearing green caps.

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