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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Petco Comments

Will Carroll, or some stand-in, toured Petco recently. The comments:

As Will mentioned I did get a tour of Petco this past week. A couple of thoughts came to mind on the HOK designed park: the landscaping and “People’s Park” are fabulous, the Aztecy-ish office building (for lack of a better term) attached to the west end of the park are perfect fit to the surrounding environment. I have to say, though, of all things the hand rails throughout the park seemed not to fit; a late Home Depot addition? And there has to be a better way to incorporate the batters-eye. Aesthetically this one just sticks out like a sore thumb.

I also had MAJOR trouble describing the office building, calling it some Eshcer-esque meets pyramid thing. They used "Aztecy-ish." Why the hell can't anyone describe it? (Waves arms in air).

Agree on the batters eye also. The first time I saw it I was perturbed, but maybe it's just a first-look thing because I'm already kind of used to it. It's just this giant green box in the outfield, not incorporated into any seats or anything. It looks completely out of place.

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