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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Password Please

I just got an email from JD at Reds Daily. He told me he'd seen this site and linked to it (how generous!). Well, of course reciprocity is in order, so the link's there to his site. I just took a look and it's terrific. How can you got wrong with a baseball blogger who can reference Lil Jon?!

In the email he hit on something I think both of us have noticed, the paucity of blogs for certain teams. I saw a recent blog entry somewhere about that, and it's true for the Padres as it is for the Reds. Well, hopefully by us being out there we can inspire others. Ducksnorts has certainly been motivation to get this blog going (as has Aaron Gleeman, perhaps the most influential blogger in the baseball world especially after yesterday's launch).

In the meantime, take a visit to JD's site. I probably will stop by a fair amount, as the Reds are Central Division rivals with my other baseball love, the Chicago Cubs. I was going to do a confession time post later on about this duality, but it's out now. I'll discuss the Cubs thing in detail at another time. But in brief, I have two baseball loves, and this one happens to inspire my writing. Besides, the Cubs have a million capable bloggers.

I'm getting sidetracked now. If you do nothing else today, stop by JD's site, and then do it a few more times throughout the month.

Thanks, JD.


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