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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Odds and Ends

-With the apparent emergence of Khalil Greene, the Padres are hoping to use Ramon Vazquez as a "super-sub", a role I always thought he'd be very good in. I think he's a terrific bench player, and a capable spot starter, so I'm real excited. The Padre bench is going to be fairly good this year, as I think (hope) Jeff Cirillo can bounce back, and there's Vazquez and his lefty bat, Brian Buchanan and his lefty bat, and Terrence Long, who can hit just enough to have a valuable pinch hit at bat.

-MIT grad Jason Szuminski might just make the opening day roster. With Rod Beck gone indefinitely for personal reasons, Jason's been on fire the last week, and the UT notes Towers has talked to the Cubs about keeping him in San Diego. Jason is a Rule V pickup and needs to be on the roster the entire year or he will be returned to the Cubs. He could also shuttle between Portland and San Diego a lot, given Towers' search for flexibility in negotiating with the Cubs to basically trade for Jason instead of having him on Rule V conditions.

Hopefully this isn't another Kory DeHaan situation.

-Sean Burroughs and his .350 and rising OBP will be at leadoff again this year. But this will be more of a full-time thing, or so the Padres say. At least he's relaxed and not as burdened by expectations. Three years away from being a can't-miss prospect can do that.

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