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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Now for the Good Stuff

First, I'd like to quickly tear into one of my blogging colleagues. Lightheartedly, of course. Studes over at the Hardball Times (linked to the right) was writing about a Chicago Tribune story calling this the "Golden Era of Managing." While I disagree with the paper, Studes gets mad at the author using the Pythagorean Record, a fairly useful statistic for many of us in the baseball community.

It was used in a weird way, certainly, measuring if a manager could beat his predicted record, since a few wins above or below is mostly luck or chance. But at least it was used instead of some other outdated, old-school thinking.

When the folks (ahem, baseball bloggers) who are used to yelling at others for NOT using their statistics, or maybe just using outdated baseball thinking that we tend to scoff at, are STILL mad when something better is used, maybe we've gone too far. I applaud the Chicago Tribune for trying to get up to speed. But there's no reason to light into them for thinking (relative to their profession) outside the box for once. Especially when it's at our level. We should be saying welcome to the club.

This is the assertion that irked me:

If you want to exceed your Pythagorean record, just bring in your worst reliever during blowouts, and leave him in there so you can lose a couple of 20-4 games. That doesn't prove much to me.

Talk about a knee-jerk reaction. Nobody does that (bringing in worst reliever to make the game get even uglier), so I don't understand the premise. Maybe Studes was just having a bad day, shrug.

Now, for the fun part. Geoffrey over at Ducksnorts just mentioned PetcoPadres in his most recent post. Since then I've had a lot of extra traffic, so thanks Geoff! He still runs the best Padres blog, but I can tell he's been busy so there isn't as much posting lately, yesterday's epic long post aside.

I hope some of the new visitors will continue to stop by, always fun to have a readership!

Back to the busy world now...

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