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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

National League West

All-Baseball has an NL West preview up. The consensus is Giants in first, followed by anyone who wants it, and trailed by the Rockies. Sounds like a big hurdle for Clint Hurdle. Bad joke.

Without any serious effort, here is how I see the West as of right now:


I think those first three are fairly interchangeable, as the Pads might have the depth to make a run and I'm not ready to count out the D-Backs yet. A good point was made that this division can probably be had with 85-88 wins, and maybe that motivated Sabean to scrap most of the team and give the division some hope. That could come back to bite him in the butt though.

In two years the division's going to be just San Diego and the Dodgers (fear DePodesta), since Arizona has a ton of money deferred well into the future and their revenue is reportedly already dicey. Not good. Bonds won't be around forever, either, but I respect Sabean a lot, just don't know how quickly he can change gears when that happens. That's a lot of win shares down the drain overnight when that goes down.

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