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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Making Friends The World 'Round

Brian from Cubs Now! (linked under: Friends) runs a really cool Cubs site. Be sure and visit it and get your read on. I gotta say Bloggers on the whole are pretty darn cool. Especially when they're Cub fans.

I know Bill Simmons thinks it is impossible/against all sports fan rules to cheer for more than one team in any given sport, but I think thats horse doo doo. Go Cubs, go Padres. Go Bears, Go (this hurts right now) Chargers. Go USC, go Notre Dame.

I probably pist off half the readership on that one, but I had to let it be known that the Cubs are cool in my book, a fact that will be abundantly clear as we get further along and I start waxing poetic about Wood and Prior and Wrigley when I'm not ogling at Petco and Peavy.

Late addition: Way to go Rob Ramsey. Former Padre, cancer survivor.


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