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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


-Kevin Towers, sludge merchant. I'm sure he'd take that Woody Williams for Ray Lankford trade back if he could.

Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane said Towers is "creative and imaginative" and that "he's such a good guy," every GM hears him out.

"If you've ever talked to Kevin, he can be pretty convincing," said Jocketty.

-Jay Payton's hammy should be O-K for Opening Day. Hooray!

-X Nady sent down to Portland, asked to learn centerfield. Think Padres' brass is worried about Payton? Overused word of the day: versatility.

-Jeff Cirillo's still trying to snap out of his 2-years-and-running hitting funk. Call it the toe-tap dance. I hold high hopes for him, because if he gets it back he won't have regressed much from his very solid hitting from 3 years ago. The guy can hit, I'm just praying he works it out, because his bat off the bench could be special.

-The Mercury News does a Padres preview.

Hernandez, the A's catcher for the past four seasons, ventures that a breakthrough is imminent.

"They have the same mentality as those boys in Oakland,'' he said. "They are aggressive. They're always thinking they're going to beat you. That's a good way to do it. They're not afraid of anybody.''

-The San Francisco Chronicle notes Petco Park is the only MLB stadium connected to a hotel. The Omni hotel is running baseball packages for those interested.

-Mum's the word on Rod Beck.

-Don Freeman of the UT waxes un-poetic about Jack Murphy. Choppy writing, but interesting and worth the read.


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