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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Journalist's Dream

Stumbled across a blog called Ball Talk just now, and the most recent post was about Dusty Bakers' penchant for providing good quotes. The author took it a step farther and added some amazing Cubs quotes. Take a look here at the March 18 entry.

The normally snarly Eric Karros left one that gave me chills:

-"I would have loved to go back [to the Cubs]. Last year was the most enjoyable experience of my career, and that's not taking anything away from anywhere else. It's just that whole thing about Wrigley and Chicago baseball and being able to walk to the park from where I was staying. I mean, the last month of the season, it was like a playoff game every day. There's no way I can do justice trying to describe it. I would have gone back in a heartbeat. Money wouldn't have mattered."
Eric Karros (L.A. Times - 3/14/04)


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