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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Jered Weaver

DRAFT HIM. It's that simple. I just saw a comparison of his college career and Mark Prior's. I'm a USC guy and I gotta say Weaver's blowing past Prior's junior year stats so far, a season considered to be the best ever by a college pitcher.

I don't know how Weaver would have done against those loaded Stanford teams and some very good Pac-10 offenses, but it's not like Long Beach plays a weak schedule either.

Who knows, but he's doing it in college, and the last time I saw that dominance I saw it IN PERSON, witnessing several of Prior's gems, including a 2-hitter and several games upwards of 15 strikeouts. This kid looks just as dominant.

Who knows if he'll have Prior's flawless mechanics, superhuman lower body and winner's grace. And he's not a Trojan. But the kid is unbelievable.

Tomorrow's St. Patricks day and the Padres have a little Irish luck in owning the very first pick in all of baseball this year (pity the Tigers).

Mr. Towers, you have my permission to draft that kid.

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