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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I Lied

It's Peter Gammons' fault.

The notable things:

He says the Padres should hit, and Payton's gimpy hammy is a concern in that wide-open center field.

As noted by Jerry Coleman several times on the radio, Akinori Otsuka is pronounced OATSka.

There's a sidebar about the class exhibited by Trojan Aaron Boone afer he injured his knee playing basketball. Good kid.

There's a mention of Bobby Crosby and Jeremy Reed as Long Beach State teammmates. They played with Abe Alvarez and Jered Weaver. Now that's a baseball factory. I saw Jeremy play in a College World Series regional, he's an athletic outfielder and really has some pop in his bat. I also saw Abe pitch against USC last year, one hell of a tough pitcher.

Gammons claims a reliable baseball source compares Michael Aubrey favorably to Todd Helton. interesting, but I'm definitely high on Aubrey, he was an amazing talent with Tulane, great bat. Definitely keep an eye on him.

Lastly, this on former Padre executive Larry Lucchino:

"Larry Lucchino is one of the most influential figures of the last 15 years," says one baseball official. "He changed the business with Camden Yards. Look what he did for the Padres. And now he's got George Steinbrenner's payroll up $50 million." Problem is, the Red Sox can't play there.


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