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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Can't Stop Posting

There's this incredibly long discussion at Baseball Prospectus with some of the heavy hitters and some snipers about Aaron Gleeman, centering around his prospect lists. The contention is he borrows a lot of material and plagiarizes it. There's little to no criticism of his other work, though. This looks like nitpicking but the plagiarism charge is correct, but its not like Aaron's seen the pitches of some minor-leaguer playing in New York or Alaska. It's basically assumed by readers he got certain specifics from elsewhere (Sickels, etc). He should probably just credit certain resources and then there wouldn't be such a hullaballoo (is that the correct spelling?).

A USC note... Former USC baseball verballs Ian Stewart and Sergio Santos are both listed on some top prospects list from Julien's Baseball Blog. The Trojans could have used both this year, although Blake Sharpe has been adequate with the bat this year from the shortstop position.

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