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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Busy, But I HAVE To Update

First off, it looks like a TON of visitors have come by in the last day, linked from an article at this online magazine called the Black Table. Will Leitch, a former Sporting News writer, did this amazingly comprehensive (hello, 9295 words?! Yikes!) preview of all the Major League teams. Not only that...

(Note: The pictures are linked to the best weblog about each team. As much as some might believe weblogs are the exclusive property of New York media rejects, the best use of the medium is by baseball fans, many of whom are professional writers by day and baseball nerds by night. You are much better served by reading the best fan blogs than you are by reading your local beat reporter's coverage. So dig in.)

Guess who he linked to?

I'm incredibly honored. Yeah I know there aren't many Padres blogs out there, but Ducksnorts is a tremendous Padres resource. And I haven't even really gotten to doing much about the Padres yet. Hell, I'm just a month old here (note: I've got plenty planned for throughout the season, please stick along for the ride).

Anyway, thanks Will for the link. I'll be sending an email soon. I've just been really busy, and am longing to do some actual interesting work here other than the hit and run cut and paste and quick commentary jobs so far.

Almost forgot, here is the link to Will's story. PLEASE read, its interesting.

My favorite part:

Besides, they have both Wells and Rod Beck, so if matters fall too far, they can always feed them a diminutive middle infielder.


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