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Monday, March 15, 2004

Breaking News...

For months now my favorite blogger, Aaron Gleeman had been talking about some big changes on the horizon. Two of the events were revealed, to little fanfare. He had joined RotoWorld and Insider Baseball, which netted him some cash and a broader audience. I was proud of the little guy.

But then I read today he's been in cahoots with several other bigtime bloggers, and just recently published a months-in-the-making website, "The Hardball Times."

I'm shocked! But in a good way. I think it is a GREAT idea. And it shows ambition and commitment. The site promises to be incredible (Aaron can deal with the hype). I think its a huge step up, and it's kind of cool to see that kid (funny I call him a kid since I'm the same age) heading closer towards the Bigtime, whatever that is.

What this does for aarongleeman.com, I don't know. I suspect it'll start to whither away. In the end it's positive because that new site has unified Aaron and some other tremendous bloggers, but it probably takes away a lot of the personalized, deprecative mood of Aaron's original site.

Funny to be talking about these tiny changes in cyberspace as being consequential, but in a way, they are.

I'll conclude by saying Aaron, I wish you the best of luck, its a great idea and if I was anywhere near as talented as you are I'd do the exact same thing. It sounds like a blast to have put together and gotten running, and should turn out to be a big player in the whole baseball intelligence market alongside prospectus and others.

So, to my readers (of which there are none, if any, as this is a VERY new blog), here is the link to Hardball Times, and I will be adding the link to the links page here momentarily.

I can't wait to see what content emerges from this new venture.

Back to your regularly scheduled program...

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